About Us

At Conversant Wealth, we are passionate about our clients’ success. As a registered independent wealth manager and partner firm on the Sanctuary Wealth platform, we are dedicated to helping each client achieve their personal financial goals. Our diverse expertise allows us to work with executives and professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, individuals and families. But what we really do is help people achieve the very best in their lives.

Wealth can be complicated, so we focus on simplifying decision-making to ensure that both personal goals and values remain a priority. We fulfill the fiduciary standard that places our clients’ interests above all others. Our team has more than 50 years of professional experience, which includes managing diversified investment portfolios across market cycles as well as navigating the dynamics of a family-owned business.

We look forward to working with you and your family, to understand your objectives for protecting your assets today, while growing them for a lasting legacy with the next generation.